Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quote from my nutritionist today after reviewing my recent lab results:

 "Your lab results are lovely. Your fasting glucose is absolutely ideal. Your white and red blood are very strong. Your protein status is very strong. Your calcium status is now strong. All of the levels look to be fully recovered to me".

Although I knew my lab results looked good, my nutritionist has stringent target ranges.  Hearing from her that my levels are fully recovered makes me very, very happy.  I even get to discontinue one of my supplements intended for immune support.  I'm all for taking less supplements!

In addition to this, life is good!  The combination of cooler weather and a solid coaching plan has me feeling really good.  

Look for a post in the next few days detailing my recent races including Steamboat Stinger, Wasatch 360, and my first running race ever (a 5k Fun Run with Dizzy)!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Looking at the numbers: recent lab results

Last Friday I had an appointment with my oncologist.  While it was just an exam, we also did lab work for the first time since February.  I was especially interested in my White Blood Cell (WBC) count and hematocrit as both those numbers have been consistently low since finishing chemo in September.

I am, for lack of a better word, psyched with the results.  Through good nutrition and taking care of my body, my insides seem to be bouncing back, and to be honest I was not sure it was possible.....

Since I keep close track of these numbers, here are some charts I made:

To put things in perspective, I finished chemo September 20, 2013 and radiation November 22, 2013. To my lay person's eyes, everything looks pretty darn good.  My lymphocytes are still a bit low, but they are creeping up and based on my Total Protein, BUN, and Creatinine, it appears as though my (mostly plant-based) protein consumption is keeping up with my body's demands.  

I also had my Iron, Ferritin, and B12 checked:

Iron and Ferritin numbers look good (to me).  B12 is just a touch low.  This is interesting as I have stopped taking a B12 supplement (per the recommendation of my Nutritionist).  Since B12 supplements can serve as a methylating agent (turning genes on/off with no discrimination for good vs. bad genes), she preferred I get my B12 from natural sources (i.e. high quality beef).  I do eat a small amount of grass fed, organic, local beef (approximately once/month).  It may be time to "beef" that up just a touch:)  I will run the numbers by my Nutritionist this week.  

The number I am most excited about is my hematocrit.  I have been hovering in the mid to high 30s for way too long.  I am now back to my "normal" range.  Bring on the Fall racing!

Speaking of racing, I am feeling ready to experiment with increased focus and structure in my training and have called on Plan7 Endurance Coach, Pro MTB racer, friend, and hardest working gal I know, Sarah Kaufmann to be my coach.  In the next few months, I have some exciting races including Steamboat Stinger, Wasatch 360, Draper 25/50, and Moab Rocks stage race.  Even though these races are quickly approaching, and I am not giving Sarah much time to get me in tip top shape, I am looking forward to seeing how my body and mind respond.