Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Since I will be starting chemo in a few weeks, I have a new interest in hats. I have pretty much decided that I won't be wearing a wig, unless of course I stumble upon a hot pink or flaming red one.

Here are some of the hats I have so far. I was a bit spunky when I purchased a few of them, so fortunately I still have the tags and receipts. Not sure if I will actually wear most of them; I'm guessing that when it comes time for me to actually need a hat, I will be lazy and end up wearing a beanie like I do now everyday.

The prana beanie
Shannon picked this one out. Weirdo.
Basic corduroy
Classic khaki
This one was my favorite. Although I think it looks silly in the photo

This will probably be worn under a hat to add some color

In the meantime, hair is getting chopped next Tuesday. Now that will be a fun new adventure. I've been wearing a ponytail since about 2004 when my last short haircut grew out.

We're also heading to Fruita, CO tomorrow for one last getaway (sans puppy) before my own personal hell begins next week.


  1. They all look great. Shannon is kind of a weirdo ;-). Have fun in Fruita.

  2. I think you can wear anything and look great! I think my favorite it the corduroy. Have a good tim in Fruita. :)

  3. I like Shannon's pick. You look cute.

  4. I vote for corduroy, although you look great in all of them!

  5. Love the hats! You will be beautiful no matter what! Stay positive! Thinking of you and pulling for you!

  6. I like the corduroy one - cute and hip. BUT where is the P2P beanie??? That is my go-to hat right now - I love it.