Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My hair is so thick it took 4 ponytails. All of which will be donated.

I can honestly say that the one thing about this cancer experience I have been looking forward to is chopping my hair. My hair has been in a ponytail since about 2004. I like my ponytail. It is easy, familiar, and comfortable. Cancer is not easy, familiar, or comfortable. I wanted to do something crazy. I'm not a very crazy person, so I expressed this feeling by chopping my hair.

I have been planning this haircut for quite a few weeks. In fact, I've been researching 'styles' much like I do everything else. Originally, I found a cute short cut that wasn't too short, not too daring. I was certain that was what I was going to go with. Then I found a picture of a super, duper short cut and I knew that I wanted to be brave, braver than ever, and chop it all. So we did.

Here is the progression of my hair cutting experience. My stylist was game to take photos and was very enthusiastic about chopping it all off. Shannon even joined in for some of the fun.

This is how my hair looked when I walked into the salon

The back
I think Erica left a little rat tail to be funny
Scared to look?
I am strong. I can do anything. Even rock a short cut.
I may want to replace the 80s rocker muscle Ts for something more feminine for a while!


  1. Jen,
    Your hair looks so cute-- and I think you are an amazing person. You are so strong.

  2. Jen~ My name is Gianna. On January 24th i got diagnosed with breast cancer. Right sided lump also. I am an avid mountain biker and i was training for my first 24 hour solo race but it didnt happen because the day before the race i had a double mastectomy. I am also starting chemo around the time you are. I would love to be in touch with you. Please call me if you want to chat (602) 743-9833. I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIRCUT! You are so beautiful inside and out!

  3. Jen, love your haircut and your courage! You rock. Keep it up, cousin!!! Love, Melissa

  4. I love what you are doing. You can rock any haircut girl. I am a solo female cycling around the world. I put together a WOW(women on wheels) Wall of photos, blogs and books. I really would love to put a link to you and and your blog on the wall. Wasn't sure how to get in touch. My e-mail is rettaretta@hotmail.com Here's the wall.

  5. Fantastic, Jen ... you can definitely rock the short hair! And think of the aerodynamic effect come the start of UTCX in October. I see you standing on top of the podium having kicked cancer's AND all the rest of the A-women's collective butts!

  6. Jen!! Your haircut looks GREAT!!!! Keep up the positive attitude. You are incredible!

  7. I think it looks super cute! Just imagine how much easier riding and camping will be now! :)

  8. Your hair cut looks so cute!! It makes you look even more confident and powerful than you did before.

  9. I love it! You honestly look great.

  10. Love your new do!! Seriously wicked ;) Keep on rockin'.
    Give this cancer a big kick in the a$$!

  11. Jen I love the new haircut! You look awesome! I think Shannon should cut his hair as well :)

  12. Drew, When it comes time, Shannon will be shaving his head. Now that is something odd to look forward to!