Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fruita, CO

Shannon and I took one last getaway this weekend. We traveled 4 hours south (east) to Fruita, Colorado where there is an abundance of beautiful scenery and super fun singletrack. Shannon also booked a room at a bed and breakfast overlooking Colorado National Monument. Much nicer than our typical 'cheap-o' weekend motel. This weekend was all about riding and relaxing and yummy home-cooked breakfasts!

Friday afternoon we got a short ride in on the Kokopelli trails. It was a beautiful afternoon and the dirt was tacky from rain earlier in the week.

Overlook Day 1
Diggin' (not too) deep on a short climb

The scenery is always epic

Saturday we ventured to 18 road. These trails have been some of my favorites in the past, but today most of them were just lumpy from cow tracks. I decided to rename 'Chutes and Ladders' to 'Chutes and pot holes'. It was also super windy and I thought I may blow off some of the exposed cliffs. Fortunately I didn't. We had a great time regardless. My highlight of the day was cleaning all of 'Zippety-do-dah'. It is not the most technical of trails, but it seems there is always something that causes me to dabble. Not today! We got in a solid three hours of riding on this day and many more hours of relaxing.

18 Road trails

Shannon and I have debated this photo. I think it is sideways. He says that it is an optical illusion because of the steep (in Shannon's words: "Super steep, almost vertical") downhill before the photo was shot. I still think it is sideways.
We traverse the limestone mounds in the photo. I always think I'm going to blow off.

Sunday, we were back at Kokopelli trails to get in a couple hours before traveling back to Salt Lake City. We did most of the big loop and some of the more fun smaller loops. It started out beautiful, however the wind picked up on the cliffs of Mary's Loop. I did blow off the trail and into a tree today. Another great day of riding.

This was supposed to be a cool overlook on Mary's Loop. We kind of missed it in the photo:(

Finding speed on Rustler's Loop
(Don't worry Dicky, the visor comes off when I race for real)

This weekend was also unique in that it was the first time we left the puppy home. We had someone stay at the house, and it must have gone well. He hardly seemed to miss us and is already back into his routine.


  1. I'll call off the fashion police.

  2. I agree with Shannon on the photo. I've seen videos of that trail before and it looks steep. Thanks for sharing so many good photos from your weekend. One day I'll make it to Fruita.

  3. Hey Jen, just found your blog and I want to give you a thumbs up and online "hug" ,,lol
    I was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and went thru very similar feelings and situations. (my blog is
    If there's anything I can ever do, please ask..

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