Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend update

Friday after surgery I felt pretty great; I was kinda a spaz. Maybe it was just relief that surgery was finally done? Maybe my IV was spiked? Regardless, by Saturday I crashed, and although I wasn't in too much pain, fatigue had finally set in. After an awkward night of sleep with all the bandages I woke up Saturday morning just in time to go back to sleep until after lunchtime. My goal for Saturday was to rest, rest, and rest some more. My family was visiting in the afternoon and I wanted to be able to spend some quality time with them.

It just so happened that my surgery coincided with my sister's annual family Park City ski trip. Saturday afternoon everyone came down to visit including my adorable niece and nephew who were highly entertaining all night. It was so nice to see family with the highlight being my niece and nephew playing with my puppy. By the end of the night my nephew was saying that he wanted to pee in the grass like the puppy. Sorry sis, good luck with the potty training.

Sunday morning I woke up early to take my bustier (er, bandages) off. Although I realize that the bandage served the important purpose of keeping swelling down, I had been looking forward to getting that uncomfortable thing off all weekend. I was a bit scared to see what was underneath it all but was pleasantly surprised. The incision is large; a couple of inches. But the edges are smooth and there is no swelling that I can see and little bruising. For a cyclist with lots of scars, it was nothing to look at. I would have posted a photo to prove this point but that would probably make this a Rated-R blog:) Then it was back to sleep until 10. I haven't slept this much in......ever. By Sunday afternoon I started to feel more like myself and by the end of the day I was ready for some physical activity.

Today, I awoke at the crack of dawn, 8:30:) I feel pretty good, actually really, really good. There is still some mild discomfort when my arm rubs in the axilla area where the lymph nodes were removed. Push-ups and tricep dips are out of the question. Besides that, pain free! We already took the pup for a hike, played with my new bike, and rode the trainer for an easy spin.

Below is a photo of the new bike. It is a zaboo terra29. It is so beautiful and insanely light too, especially when built up with the Lefty fork. I will write more details when I actually have the opportunity to ride it off-road. We're still planning on heading south in two weeks.

Tomorrow it is back to work and that 6:00 AM alarm is really going to hurt!


  1. Back to work tomorrow! Glad you are on the mend. S. Utah in two weeks.... sweet!

  2. great lookin bike. i have been looking at those for the last year.

    hope to hear how you like it. see you at the race.