Sunday, February 13, 2011

Perfect weekend

Our plan for the weekend was to head south to Moab for some singletrack and bike therapy, but on Friday the weekend weather forecast for Salt Lake City was just as warm as Moab. I decided to stay put. Although Moab may have been my last chance to ride singletrack for a while, we had a pretty perfect weekend here in Salt Lake City.

Saturday called for a morning weight workout. I've been going to the gym focusing on my upper extremity strength every other day. My goal is to get as strong as possible as quickly as possible. I know that after my lumpectomy on Friday I probably won't be lifting weights for a few months. As it warmed up in the afternoon, Shannon and I headed out for a road ride. I think every single cyclist in Salt Lake City did the same. We probably spent as much time talking to friends on the side of the road as we did pedaling. It was a great day.

Sunday was quite possibly the most beautiful February day ever. We did a group ride with the boys (and Monique) up Emigration to Mountain Dell Golf Course. I cheated and rode my cross bike while everyone else was on their mountain bikes. It was a beautiful day (I can't emphasize this enough), we had great company, and I even felt frisky enough to throw down some hard efforts.

As my weekend riding binge comes to a close, I realize that I rode as much this week as I would have if I were preparing for an epic year of racing. In my mind I suppose I am still training. Just with a different purpose.

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