Friday, February 25, 2011

Sugery Numero Dos Report

Today's surgery was pretty uneventful. My surgery time wasn't until 2:00 so I had the morning to blow around the house. I took this time to tie up loose ends and......clean.

Surgery went really smooth today. I was under heavy sedation with propofol. I could hear everything that was going on in the OR, but thankfully I couldn't feel anything. Even with the drugs, my mind was working overdrive. I kept thinking of questions I wanted to ask, but I didn't want to distract anyone. I waited and started talking as they finished suturing me up. Hopefully I didn't say anything too loopy and if I did I'm sure the OR staff got a few good laughs.

Besides that, recovery was short and quick. I was ready to go home right away, but had to wait for my IV to be removed. Shannon immediately rewarded me with some yummy chocolate from Germany. I also get to live with the bandages again this weekend, but they're not as bulky as last time as there was only one incision today.

I should hear if the margins are clean next week. I am very hopeful but really nervous as there are no guarantees.

I am probably a little over one hour post-op and my pain level is 0. I hope it stays this way and I can be on the trainer tomorrow:)

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  1. Forget the trainer....focus on more chocolate from Germany!