Sunday, July 27, 2014

Striving to find my "A" game

When diagnosed with cancer there are many choices.  Medical choices need to be made.  Financial decisions need to be sorted out.  Priorities need to be reassessed.  One choice that is less discussed, is choosing how to respond to the often shocking and unexpected news of a cancer diagnosis.  While some of the emotions may be difficult to control, it is easier to control how you choose to treat your body.  Being a competitive athlete, I have a good understanding that the better I treat my body, the better I feel.  Back in 2011 and again last year, I knew that cancer treatment would be tough, however I also knew (well at least I hoped) that the better I treated my body the better I would feel during treatment and the more I would be able to enjoy life.  I made the choice to help support my body as best as possible during treatment and beyond.  One of the ways I did this was through good nutrition.

My point is, I want to be on my "A" game.  While my "A" game, for better or worse, may not look the same as it did 'before', I want to be at my full potential.  I want to kick-ass on the bike, at work, and just life in general.  I truly believe that supporting my body through good nutrition will help me to achieve my full potential "A" game in all areas of life.

Back in 2011, I blogged about my anti-cancer diet.  It has evolved a bit since then, especially with the advice of Nutritional Solutions.  Upon finishing chemo/radiation last winter, I have continued to follow Nutritional Solutions recommendations.

Which brings me to current lab work I had done last week.  I had a simple cholesterol and triglyceride test.  No biggie, right?  Wrong!  My recent oophorectomy and especially my new anti-cancer medication, Anastrazole (Aromatase Inhibitor) put me at increased risk for elevated cholesterol and triglycerides which often leads to heart disease.  There is always a cost to the benefit of cancer treatment.  This is one of the costs of my treatment.  Anyhow, I was relieved (actually psyched!!!) that despite this, my levels are still excellent.

Here are my results from 2012 and 2014:

So while an excellent cholesterol and triglyceride test may not seem like a big deal, to me, it means that perhaps all that hard work and good nutrition is paying off.  A small, but not trivial piece in the "A game" puzzle.

...and because no blog post is complete without photos.....


Angie Harker takes phenomenal photos!

 Moose hanging out on our street is a common sight.  
My neighbors say it never gets old.  I tend to believe them! 
 I named this guy, "Fred".  

Fred has a friend

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