Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wasatch 360

This past weekend was the inaugural Wasatch 360, a 360 minute (or 6 hour) race in nearby Heber, Utah and also a fundraiser for Summit Bike Club, a Utah-based program that supports youth development.  Racing is not even close to being on my radar at the moment, however when I was invited by two young girls to be on their 3-person relay team, I simply could not refuse! It was also for a good cause!

The week got off to a fun start with a Labor Day ride with friends at the Trailside Skills Park

and on Tuesday the Gear Rush cyclocross skills clinic

Note:  Cyclocross season is just around the corner, and although I will not be racing cross this year, I will be honing my skills for future redemption!  In just one short week I have significantly improved my mounts, dismounts, cornering, and sand skills.  Look out UTCX gals:)  

The rest of the week was spent working and doing mellow rides; saving as much energy as possible for my weekend 'race'.

The night before the race I emailed back and forth with one of my teammate's Moms.  I told her that since the girls put the team together they could decide the race plan i.e: order of our relay team.  

The morning of the race I met up with my two giddy teammates.  They informed me that they came up with a plan and that I was to go first!  They also explained to me our team name, "We Enve Ewe".  Ewe is a sheep and since sheep used to graze near the race course.......I thought it was perfect!  Their excitement was infectious and I was more than happy to lead our team out with the running LeMans start and first lap.  

I put in a smooth, efficient, and even kinda-sorta quick first lap to lead us out.  The girls raced their hearts out coming into the transition area after each of their laps huffing and puffing.  

In the end, I got to stand on the podium with future racing stars.  

What an amazingly fun day of normalcy.  

Lots of friends came out to help raise funds for Summit Bike Club

even Dizzy

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  1. Yay! How cute and awesome! I love the future racing stars.