Thursday, September 12, 2013

Muscle and Fitness Hers interview

Recently I was interviewed by Muscle and Fitness Hers for their September/October issue.  Yes, jokes can be made for my (lack of) muscle, although with my recent emphasis on weight training, I actually think they are getting a wee bit bigger! (Note:  I have found tons of excellent weight workouts in Muscle and Fitness Hers!) Jokes aside, the magazine staff was delightful to work with and the interview was a really good experience.

The magazine is on stands right now and my interview can be found on page 20 or you can check it out here:

Note:  I was much more wordy in the original interview, but it was cut down a bit (with my approval) to fit the space.  I could talk on and on and on about how I train, but somehow we reduced it to a sentence!

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  1. The secret in a healthier, happier you lies in the very fundamentals of muscle strengthening itself. If I can teach you but this one principle... a muscle has to pushed, pulled, contracted, relaxed, and ultimately stretched to its limits in order to build up healthier and stronger. This means pushing yourself. This means leaving your comfort zone and trying new things. This means that if you sit on the couch, go to the gym, walk, do your exercise DVD, eat potato chips, squat in your living room, whatever is your comfort zone, you may not be realizing your full potential because you have not yet started to approach that potential. Herein lies today's motivation...