Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some normalcy before the storm

Last weekend my surgeon okayed me doing a short mountain bike ride.  Not because I was necessarily healed enough, but because it would be good for my soul.  Both were true.  I experienced a little tightness and swelling the next day, but man did it feel good to be riding through trees.

After my short set-back, my body once again kicked into healing overdrive and I am so happy to say that I have been taking full advantage of it.  I have hit dirt five consecutive days-sans any swelling or tightness-and I am the most focused, content, and relaxed that I have been since my life took a wrong turn a month ago.

Some highlights from the past week:

 Helping teach skills at the Roxx Rides clinic. 
 I really, really, really enjoy sharing knowledge with fellow cyclists!
My trademark style
A great group of ladies show up for these rides!
 A new sign at the top of Flying Dog.  This trail is waaaay too fun to rip to slow down.
 Park City Point to Point pre-ride with my favorite riding partner
This is what I call the result of a very good day!

Up Next:  In my last post I mentioned that treatment would likely start June 18th.   It is now looking like this will be postponed.  We are awaiting results for a test that Shannon and I requested, the Caris Molecular Profile.  These results may help guide us in choosing the most appropriate and effective treatment as opposed to just stabbing in the dark.  I am hoping that the results give us some clarity as we choose treatment.  We are also working with MD Anderson in Houston for a 2nd opinion and if all works out should be traveling down there in the next week or so.  My oncology team at Huntsman has been supportive of these decisions and as usual I am blown away by their thoughtful recommendations and excellent care.  

In the meantime, I plan to take full advantage of this short delay... 

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