Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photo Shoot

Undergoing treatment for breast cancer in 2011 was the most difficult thing I have ever done.   Recovering from treatment, maintaining my zest for life, and regaining health and fitness is what I am most proud of.  As we embark on Round 2 of treatment, Shannon and I wanted some photos, of higher quality than our typical iPhone facebook photos, to document how far we've come.  I also figured that since my beloved long hair that I have spent two years growing out is about to go, yet again, that we should document it!

So I called my friend and professional photographer, Anna Pocaro Manley, who volunteers her time to Heal Courageously, a non-profit that takes professional photos of people and their families who are undergoing treatment for cancer at NO COST.

Anna is an absolutely amazing photographer.  Somehow she was able to capture beautiful photos of two of the biggest nerds ever!  Her photos are all so good that I am having a hard time choosing favorites.  Anna has her own business so even if you are not undergoing treatment for cancer, she will take photos of you, your family, or whatever you want.  She is also quite adventurous and I am pretty sure she was ready to hike up a mountain for our photo shoot!  Fortunately we found a beautiful and accessible location right at the base of the mountains.


  1. Those are some great photos! You guys looks amazing! Anna did a great job!