Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week One

Note to self: Monday after infusion will be the worst day. At least as far as energy levels go. After Monday, I was seriously reassessing how to prioritize my work caseload for the rest of the school year. I'm happy to say that since Monday my energy has been improving and although I still only have a fraction of the energy I normally do, I am able to live a (somewhat) productive life.

As for other side effects, I don't have many of the 'normal' side effects. Still no nausea, yeah for that! The side effects I do have are more odd. I have a significantly increased heartrate. As an athlete, I know what my 'typical' resting heartrate is so when I am sitting at 20-30 bpm higher I get concerned. That was call #1 to my oncologist this week. The exact cause, in my case, is not exactly known. However at this point we are optimistic that it will return to normal post-chemo.

Call #2 occurred after I experienced an odd pulsing low back pain when I was 'trying' to ride my mountain bike yesterday. It was most pronounced when I would try to get low and aggressive on a downhill, but I was partially attributing it to my increased heartrate from the climbing that preceded the downhill. The pain would decrease when I would sit up more perchy on my bike. Not exactly fun for downhilling. This pain has been more noticeable today ever since my ride yesterday. Anyhow, this was somewhat puzzling to my oncologist, but she attributed it to side effects from the Neulasta shot (helps improve white blood cells) I had Saturday. If this is the case, this side effect should improve over the next two weeks just in time for my next infusion May 6th.

On a non-cancer related note, this weekend marks the first race of the newly established Utah State Championship Mountain Bike Series. In my humble opinion, this series is going to RULE!!!! The series has reasonable entry fees for all racers, kids race for only five bucks, plus $5 of every entry is donated to Huntsman Cancer Institute. The icing on the cake is that over $8000 was secured for pro payout over the 4-race series. This is seriously what mountain bike racing should be, although I may be a bit biased because the series is promoted by some folks I know pretty well. Actually, no, I'm not biased. THIS IS WHAT MOUNTAIN BIKE RACING SHOULD BE! I will be helping with race-day registration so if it is all f****d up, I'll blame the chemo:) Check it out here:

One week down. 11 to go.


  1. Monday the first time (It was that way for me), but the second time it hit me sooner (so my tiredest days were Saturday and Sunday). Everyone is different! My heart rate has been way high since I have been in chemo also. They remark on it each time they check it.

    I hope that pain goes away. Nuelasta side effects become less pronounced each time you get the shot (I get an antsy pain in my lower legs).

  2. You have an awesome attitude about all of that you're going through. Good luck and hang in there!!!