Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Really, I just want to blog about biking......

......but I can't do that quite yet.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon. Everything is healing very nicely and my final drain was removed. 11 days of drains was enough for me. I am supposed to take it easy for a few days so that I don't have too much fluid build up now that the final drain is removed. I was also cleared to do some structured stretching which I started pretty much as soon as I got home from the hospital. I have been very careful (at least I think so) during this initial healing process. My goal is not to see how fast I can get back on the bike, but to heal completely and get through this stage complication free, and then get back on the bike. I did go to the gym tonight and pedaled the recumbent bike though.........

I also visited with a Naturopath yesterday. My goals for this appointment were 1) To support my body during chemotherapy and 2)Reduce chance for future cancer recurrence. We tackled goal #1 yesterday. We discussed a few different interventions. The primary recommendation is high dose glutamine. The following research was sited:

Clin Cancer Res. 2001 May 7(5). "Patients receiving Taxol given glutamine vs. no intervention". Dosage of glutamine was 10 gms 3 times daily for 4 days, starting 24 hours after treatment. Showed statistically sig reduction in: motor weakness, gait deterioration, numbness/dyesthesias; and improvements in overall activities of daily living.

We also discussed probiotic use and antioxidant use. Antioxidant use is controversial with chemotherapy so I will present this to my oncologist later this week. Fish oil was also recommended as it enhances the cellular 'killing' effect of taxanes. Interesting stuff....

Today was also my first day back to work. I worked a 1/2 day as to not overtax my body on my first day back. I felt pretty good the entire time and after the initial socialization with co-workers was really quite productive. I'm hoping to be able to work a full day tomorrow.

Even though I am back to work and able to carry out most activities, I am certainly not back to normal. Simply lugging my stuff in and out of my car is difficult right now. Hopefully every day continues to get better.

Next up, I meet with my medical oncologist on Friday to get final clearance to start chemotherapy April 15th.


  1. Hey Jen! All the Pro Women were thinking of you and you were VERY in our thoughts last weekend. You were truly missed and we are all looking forward to having you back on the circuit!

    Keep up the inspiring positivity!

  2. Now if Diesel gets in your face with bad doggy breath you can fight back with fish oil burps ;)