Saturday, March 14, 2015

Racing is hard. Not racing is harder.

Last weekend I headed to the Desert for the first ICUP cross-country race of the year.  The season is still young, and this was a tuner for this weekend's 50-miler True Grit Epic.

The tuner went great!  It was a relatively large Pro Women's field and my expectations were, well, I didn't have expectations.  I just wanted to ride as hard as I could, have fun, and see where I ended up.    I ended up in 2nd place which was a solid start to the season!

Photo: Angie Harker
Photo: Angie Harker
Photo:  Angie Harker

On Sunday, feeling surprisingly recovered, I dialed in my favorite parts of the True Grit race course.  I returned home to Salt Lake for a few days of work that were relatively unstressful and felt good on the bike everyday.  Wednesday night I went to bed feeling great only to wake up five hours later feverish, nauseous, and vomiting.  It was an ugly 12 hours; uglier than chemo!  By Thursday afternoon, my fever had broken and I was able to eat some food, but the damage was done.  In less than 12 hours I lost 3 pounds.  Not good!  Nor ideal prep two days before a challenging 50-miler in the hot desert!

I spoke to my coach and she asked me what my thoughts were about racing.  Honestly, at that point I couldn't fathom racing 4+ hours in 48 hours.  I responded that if I woke up Friday feeling good I would consider it.  She shut me down:)  Heck, it's March.  There is so much racing (and training) to be done.  I don't need to start the season in a deficit!

I have no idea why I got sick.  All I know is that it was bad timing.  As bummed as I am to miss True Grit, I am equally excited about the rest of the season.  I have put together a super fun and exciting 2015 race season and I am really, really looking forward to the April racing!  Bring it!


  1. Those are some great photos! Great job on 2nd place. Sorry about the bug! That is no bueno.

  2. Feeling good after reading this blog.Such a nice and useful blog you have posted here about your experience.Thanks for sharing here with us.

  3. Hi Jen. I read your blog as I went through the same insanity (we have almost an identical diagnosis) and you inspired me to stay on my bike. I came through strong and now I am headed to Moab for a week of biking! We'll be driving through Salt Lake City on our way. Any recommendations on rides?

    1. MBL, So glad to hear you stayed on the bike and tolerated treatment well! Hurray for being done! Moab will be awesome this time of year. As for SLC, hit up Corner Canyon in Draper. It is just a few miles off I-15 south of SLC. There is a super fun (albeit not rocky like Moab) trail system. Enjoy!