Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Another October has rolled around.  October is my favorite month of the year.  It happens to be the month of my birthday AND the best holiday of the year, both of which happen to be on the same day. October has another meaning to me now.  It is officially breast cancer awareness month aka Pinktober.  Pink is everywhere.  And while breast cancer awareness is great, companies who profit off  selling breast cancer 'awareness' merchandise without supporting legitimate breast cancer causes are not cool.  There is a saying in the breast cancer community:  Think Before You Pink.  My suggestion is: Enjoy the month.  Wear pink if you want.  Own it if you want.

That said, if you really want to make a difference consider donating directly to a cause that is working to prevent breast cancer in the first place or one that supports people affected by breast cancer.    The mystery of breast cancer is unraveling and I truly feel that there is more effective treatment right around the corner; possibly even a cure.  It can't come soon enough.  Not only have I been affected, but like most everyone, I have close friends and loved ones who have been affected.  I have watched dreams shattered, marriages crumble, and lives end too soon.....Take the opportunity of Pinktober to do something that really makes a difference.  As one of my friends so eloquently said, "Breast cancer awareness isn't about saving the boobies, it's about saving lives".

As for me, I am celebrating my favorite month by living life, the best way I know how.  Next weekend I will compete in my first stage race since 2009.  Shannon and I are traveling to Moab, Utah for a 3-day mountain bike stage race.  While I have done much longer stage races in the past, the rough terrain and technical nature of Moab's trails will make this three day race a legitimate challenge.  I can't wait to see what is possible.....

And since I have been too busy living life to blog consistently, here is a little recent photo journal of me living life:

Did I mention I finished 4th Pro Women at Draper 50!

If you want to feel like a Rock Star ride sweep at a high school race.  
Our Utah High School races have over 600 kids racing.  
The sides of the course are lined with rowdy fans.  I have never been cheered for so much in a race....and I was a sweep!  Can't wait to do it again for the Junior High kids this Friday!  
Photo: Lori Leger

 Our recent trip to Moab for a training block almost didn't happen.  
There was a flipped semi on Highway 6 blocking both lanes.  
Although no one was injured, we were told it would be a 5 hour delay.
 So we took a detour on Highway 31.  
It was a beautiful drive, however we were slowed by herds of sheep.  Not once, but twice!  
We rolled into Moab a bit later than planned.  
 We finally arrived to Moab and rode Sand Flats Road to Upper Porcupine Rim trail.
 Stopped for a photo at this beautiful overlook.  Due to our driving delays we got a late start to our ride.  At this point we should have noticed that the sun was setting.  
Once the sun set, it became dark quickly and we were stuck on Porcupine Rim in the dark.  
While we were not lost, we did have to use our iPhone flashlights and walk almost two miles back to the car.
Klondike Bluffs Trails are easy access and well marked

 First time riding Mag7 trails.  Random arch in the background. 
Heading home after a solid weekend of riding.  Dizzy is always very attentive in the car.


  1. Beautiful photos! October is always an interesting time. Yay for your birthday and the ALMOST best holiday of the year (since my birthday is New Year's Eve... well... you know.. ;) ).

  2. Wow it is like shockingly beautiful out there!!! Happy Birthday month and yeah, I agree with you on the Pinktober thing. I really don't want anyone to die of any cancer, not just breast cancer so there's that. Race like a beast!!!

  3. Love it all! Love Pinktober!!!! You're amazing. Go celebrate!