Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quote from my nutritionist today after reviewing my recent lab results:

 "Your lab results are lovely. Your fasting glucose is absolutely ideal. Your white and red blood are very strong. Your protein status is very strong. Your calcium status is now strong. All of the levels look to be fully recovered to me".

Although I knew my lab results looked good, my nutritionist has stringent target ranges.  Hearing from her that my levels are fully recovered makes me very, very happy.  I even get to discontinue one of my supplements intended for immune support.  I'm all for taking less supplements!

In addition to this, life is good!  The combination of cooler weather and a solid coaching plan has me feeling really good.  

Look for a post in the next few days detailing my recent races including Steamboat Stinger, Wasatch 360, and my first running race ever (a 5k Fun Run with Dizzy)!


  1. Such fabulous news! You are such an inspiration to me. Although I am not an elite triathlete, I endeavor to race competitively in the age group ranks and it is almost impossible to find similar stories. I love how you treat your health issues just like part of a long race - I need some of your strength! Thank you for your continued posting.

    1. Patti, I have so much respect for Tri athletes. Training for one sport is hard enough....let alone three! I have no doubt that you can race competitively! Keep me posted! Jen.