Sunday, October 20, 2013

Radiation: Week One-Down

Well, I survived my first week of Radiation and so far everything is going smoothly.

Radiation really is a quick process.  I arrive to Huntsman, check-in, go to the dressing room, change into a gown, get called back, get positioned, get radiated, change, and then leave.  On Tuesdays my appointments are a bit longer as I meet with my radiation oncologist for an exam and consult.  One other day each week, x-rays are taken to make sure my positioning (ie body organs have not changed location inside my body) is still spot-on.  That said, it still takes a small chunk of my day that could be spent doing something more fun and it is mentally exhausting to feel like a patient every single day.
For this reason, Shannon decided that I get a surprise at the end of every week I complete radiation.  This week I got a climbing training board.  I guess he thinks I need to work on my pull-up:)

Additionally, scheduling has been a bit of a nightmare while trying to maintain a steady work schedule, but I have a tentative schedule through November 27th, although the final treatment date has not yet been completely determined.

As for side effects, nothing significant yet, which I think is pretty typical.  From what I understand, skin burns and fatigue usually set in later in the process.  That said, I am taking incredibly good care of my skin.   That means taking off my sweaty sports bra right after a workout, not wearing a camelback or backpack that may rub on the irradiated skin, and lots of lotions!

The Fall riding has been spectacular!

Honestly, I feel the best I have felt since before I started chemo back in July.  Since I refuse to wear a heart rate monitor at the moment, my ride efforts have been based solely off perceived effort.  I do sometimes ask Shannon what his heart rate is to get an idea of what my perceived effort is versus his effort.  We can already tell that I'm recovering and regaining strength since finishing chemo as Shannon's heart-rate was a solid 10-20 bpm minute higher on yesterdays ride than it usually is when we ride together, while my perceived effort was the same as it has been throughout treatment (conversation pace).

It is amazing how resilient the body is!

More photos can be found here!


  1. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy)
    For Cancer

  2. Woohoo! One week down! I loved my climbing training board, I used to be able to do lots of pull-ups, once upon a time. Hehe. Take care of that skin, and ask for Mepilex if it gets icky.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully no ickiness though:)

    2. Agreed, no icky. No icky allowed!

  3. Hope everything goes well. You are a great inspiration.

  4. Week 2 completed! Birthday celebration... be silly and have fun!
    Jill D.