Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Camp Lynda V6.B

Each year, Lynda Wallenfels of LW Coaching, organizes an off-road training camp in St. George, Utah.  Over the past six years this camp has grown in popularity and mountain bikers travel from all over the country to ride the pristine Southern Utah trails and test their early season fitness.  Lynda has alternated the dates between the last weekend in January and the first weekend in February.  Even though it is only one week difference, whenever the camp is held the last weekend in January it is cold and rainy.  When the camp is held one week later it is 60s and sunny.  This year, the official Camp Lynda V6 was scheduled the last week of January, and the weather, as tradition calls for, was cold and rainy.  Despite the crummy weather dozens of die hard mountain bikers flocked to southern Utah to get in some early season miles.  Some of us wimpier folks, me included, decided to postpone the trip for one week, hope for better weather, and Camp Lynda V6.B was coined.

Friday morning I got out of bed well before any intelligent person would consider to drive the four + hours to St. George and be ready to ride at 9:30AM start time.

The weather did not disappoint!
(Photo: Lynda Wallenfels)

Over the weekend there were lots of smiles to be had 
(Photo: Dave Harris)

and lots of desert miles put in
(Photo: Fixie Dave)

 Who says cyclists and equestrians can't share trail?  
These cowboys were extremely friendly and even passed around their iPhone 
 photo of a rare tortoise that they spotted on the trail.  
 As always, Southern Utah scenery is breathtaking

and the trails are rippin' fast
(Photo: Fixie Dave)

All-in-all I got in three solid days of singletrack, 14 hours on the bike, and 120 miles of good times.  A bit of a shock to the system being only ten days removed from Mexico, but 2013 training is now in high gear and I am psyched!  


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