Saturday, November 3, 2012


Mountain bike race season ended for me seven short weeks ago.  Since then, I've kept myself busy by racing cyclocross, exactly seven times.  So much for a break from racing!

Cyclocross racing is a completely different cycling discipline than mountain biking.  A cyclocross bike is built more similar to a road bike in geometry.  What makes the bike especially foreign to me is the drop bars as opposed to flat bars that I am used too, however the fatter tires make cyclocross bikes great on dirt and grass.  The races consist of many laps on a short course (1.5-2miles) featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, and steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to dismount and carry the bike.

I know.  It sounds completely ridiculous, but it is ridiculously fun.

So far, I have been very consistent placing either 3rd or 4th at all of the races.

Notice the drop bars and fat (er) tires.  
More importantly, notice the green bar tape matches my jersey!  

 For Halloween I dressed up as a zombie schoolgirl

A double barrier followed by a running bike mount.  
So silly, but oh so fun!  

Dizzy the hound sporting team colors

A butterfly, a bumblebee, and a zombie + 2 dogs

Me and my biggest fan.  Seriously.  Dizzy cheers (howls) louder than anyone!  

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