Monday, June 13, 2011

The Chemo training plan

The first week of June 2010, I rode my bike 9 hours 15 minutes. That was including a Saturday 5.5 hour training ride in preparation for Lumberjack 100 two weeks later.

Here is my training log for the first week of June 2011:
(Note: Yes, I still keep a training log. I have documented every workout since I was diagnosed in January)

Monday: Mountain biked from house-up drycreek-shoreline trail-to city creek- home.
1 hour 45 minutes. Endurance pace.
Tuesday: Work day. 1 hour hike with Dizzy in Round Valley (watched part of the Midweek race).
Wednesday: Work day. Rest day/no workout.
Thursday: Work day. Craniosacral treatment. Mountain biked on Shoreline for 1 hour. Endurance pace.
Friday: Mountain biked on Shoreline for 1 hour 15 minutes. Endurance pace. Acupuncture.
Saturday: Mountain biked Corner Canyon. 1.5 hours. Endurance pace. Upper extremity/Core workout.
Sunday: Mountain biked Glenwild. 2 hours. Endurance pace.

Even my over-achieving self admits that this was a pretty good week (my highest volume since February) for being two months into chemotherapy. The only pathetic part is that I don't have a single photograph. Obviously I'm not doing any sort of hard efforts or ultra-endurance rides, and I do fatigue easily (I nap after every ride), but I really feel like I am maintaining at least a little bit of fitness. More importantly, I think that the consistent moderate exercise is helping to cleanse my body of toxins and allow me feel the best I can under my current circumstances.

Up next is my last week of work before a 6-week hiatus for summer break.

Oh yeah, my FINAL chemotherapy infusion is this Friday too. I am so ready to be done!


  1. Happy thoughts on Friday Jen!

  2. Makes me feel so darn lazy. ;) You get your graduation certificate and a song! Don't read the book, it is depressing.